Vulgarity and shameful stuff on its peak. After some cheap and bold scenes from Pakistani dramas, now Pakistani media has crossed every limit they could.

Upcoming movie 'Main Hoon Shahid Afridi', has been catching the eyes of everyone these days and now social media has break the 'Item Song' of the movie, featuring Mahnoor Baloch, Mathira & Humayun Saeed.

Song name is 'Masti Main Doobi Raat Hai', by its name we can imagine, what's coming. Song has been pictured in a bar with girls wearing un-ethical cloths, Mahnoor Baloch wearing a black and yellow top in different clips, which are sleeveless, netted, opened backs and deep necked. Mathira wearing a typical red bikini and short and making seducing acts. Humayun Saeed seems to be enjoying the song and vulgar stuff during the song.

Pakistan as being a Islamic Nation, has been facing these problems as people are not raising criticism and accepting such exposed stuff.

Our people points out at Veena Malik, Moona Lisa etc for working in Hindi movies, now what we have to say about this Pakistani movie which features such exposed and crossing boundaries act.

Mahnoor Baloch has been a fan favorite for years, but after her Item Song, she might loses her fan following and respect. She is so beautiful and decent but these kind of bold scene are not appreciated.

Movie will be aired on Eid-ul-Fitr, now we will have to see what Pakistani Government has to say about the movie sensor issues, as they have been banning many movies of its vulgarity and bold references, what's the laws and regulation for Pakistani Bold Movie.
Shahid Afridi name has been use in the movie, and many people thinks that using his name and doing such un-appropriate stuff is a shame.
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